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Whats this, back on track, an update? Oh well I've decided to bring up the old page again. But not the registreation of hostnames and so on. It's a kind of old history, most of the links will not work since the companies in the last six years moved on from the AMIGA world to some other galaxy. But surf on and enjoy the memory.
Tobias Ander
You have to wait some more for news, during this time enjoy our Journey site to New Zeeland, Australia and thailand.
Tobias Ander
Ehh News, yes they will arrive RSN!
Tobias Ander
We, have huge problems with they simply refuse to answer back on our requests to change the dns records for If anyone know anybody there or how to get them working faster, or as simple as answering my mail and fax. Please check for further information about the site.
Tobias Ander
Ina few days this site WILL be moved, and during that period the access to this site and all * sites will be limited. We are working to do this as smooth as possible but doesn't make it easy for us.
Tobias Ander
Due to the low intresst in we stop provide that service. Thank you everybody who did support us.
Tobias Ander
Some people did misunderstand the news about, to make it clear:, and will live, but NOT
Tobias Ander
Due to lack off intresst in and lack of money we've decieded to not renew the Domain Fee. That mean in short words, that we doesn't support anymore.
Tobias Ander
If you can read this then it means that we successfully moved the whole site hopefully whitout your notice to the new server. Everything should be as before but alot faster.
Tobias Ander
We are now supporting dynamic hosts indirectly, that means that you have to register a dynamic hostname with a dynhost provider, and after that you can register a hostname here that points to that hostname! If you do that, mail me so I'll activate dynhost on that hostname!

In the beginning of February I will make some changes to the servers, hopefully you'll not notice anything at all.

Tobias Ander
Implemented some new graphics from our designer Björn Hagström.
Tobias Ander
Enjoy! We now presents the domain, that is now opened for hostname registrations! This one should be specially attractive to you swedish people out there. As usual you need to link back and so on..

I would like to have som input from you out there, what do you think of the service , is it something we should add, change or delete?

Tobias Ander
[1999-09-18] expandes once more! This time with the two new domains and ! can you already register today (just press the submit button to the left), but will take a couple of more days to wait for the main DNS to update. Changed the sorting script so you can sort on the different domains.
Tobias Ander

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